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TRANSFORMATION SMARTPHONE featuring extendible triple display unit

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This invention relates to a unique Traditional style Smartphone having specific means to allow users to simultaneously multi-task on three (3) separate displays without compromise to the device's top-shirt pocket carrying convenience: as the device's standard 2 7/16 x 5 inch display morphs to a 7 1/2 x 8 3/4 display through electronic activation when the device's additional displays are enjoined at either sides of the device's primary display screen.
With leading brand Traditional Smartphones, by manufacturing Giants Samsung, LG, Motorola, and Huawei Electronic Corporations, all having standard 5-6 inch displays and no other featured attractions besides top-shirt pocket carrying convenience there exist little choice for consumers to choose between which common models best fit their everyday needs: And with little choice from which to choose between consumers demands for a more compact and affordable Traditional style device with larger displays only multiplies.
With introduction of the TRANSFORMATION SMARTPHONE in recent light of consumers displeasure, and unfavorable ratings towards problematic and expensive FOLDABLE SMARTPHONE TECHNOLOGY being the X-Factor against consumers persistent demands for a different type of Traditional-style and affordable mobile communication device with larger displays: Perhaps new-era technology via the Transformation Smartphone is the solution against the more outdated small display screen technology of Traditional style Smartphones. A TRANSFORMATION SMARTPHONE is a Traditional style mobile device with a standard 5-inch display that can instantly transform to a nearly 9-inch singular enlarged viewing display which can be utilized individually three (3) ways or as one consolidated, enlarged singular display whenever the device's additional displays are extracted and enjoined to either sides of the device's primary display.
A TRANSFORMATION SMARTPHONE is a prefabricated, six-sectional device that comprises a specially designed framework structure, a frontal display unit configuration, a interior extendible triple display unit configuration, a backside configuration, and top and bottom enclosure configurations. While the interior extendible triple display unit is affixed with additional display screens which allow the device's standard
5-inch display to morph to a nearly 9-inch display, the device's bottom enclosure interior is affixed with a extension handle that ejects downwards for hands-free interference during extraction mode of the unit's additional displays.
A TRANSFORMATION SMARTPHONE is cost-effective as a unique device which can be manufactured on the same scale and out of the same building materials as that of all leading brand Traditional Smartphones.

Financial information

I am open to all reasonable offers of a outright sale. I am also open to genuine partnership interest in bringing this project to great prominence as this device has appealing potential to compete against Today's popular FOLDABLE SMARTPHONE technology. Three-screen technology burst onto the cellular phone market in 2015 when Samsung was issued the World's very first patent for such a mobile communication device.

A year later in 2016 LG Electronic Corporation was issued a second patent for a 3 SCREEN smartphone and then in 2017 I myself was awarded the 3rd and last patent for a 3 SCREEN smartphone. However, the world never had opportunity to purchase this type of a device as the technology was vastly underdeveloped. Instead of trying to perfect the technology Giant smartphone manufactures Samsung and LG respectively shelved the projects altogether in favor of the PROBLEMATIC AND EXPENSIVE Present day FOLDABLE SMARTPHONE TECHNOLOGY.

For any TRUE INVESTER out there with a TALENTED EYE for the smartphone market world It should be recognized that a few prototype models of this DEVICE could overtake the cellular phone market and 18 to 45 age group by storm with this type of device: which blueprints for this project are simply flawless and predicated off those drawings any talented and skillful engineer would understand that all this project needs is mere funding for a few prototype models as all critical details large and small have been carefully addressed as this all new 3 screen technology has been skillfully redeveloped.

Take a good look at the five (5) accompanying drawings submitted herein with this listing in which you have to scroll down just below the advertising block to review them at the very bottom of this listing in which I myself as the inventer personally drafted the blueprints: Whereby as a result of precise measurements this device can be assembled on paper by placing certain drawing figures one behind the other in which I'm willing to provide a complete review of all drawings upon a NDA signing. For more insight on this device and project please see the Technology news article written on behalf of this project at the below web site:

Link gizchina. com/2021/01/08/exclusive-

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