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The Lock with restricted functions

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The lock has a mechanically or electrically connected locking mechanism (mechanisms) and handle.
The lock has a blocking mechanism that won't let us use a handle and locking mechanism(mechanisms) at the same time.
For example, as it shows on the drawing.
The lock has two cylinders with gears and handle with gear. The cylinders and handle connected to each other by these gears.
By rotating the handle the user rotates both cylinders.
The lock has a moveable guardian plate on the front. This plate has openings.
If the user moves the plate down, this plate has an opening against the handle.
If the user moves the plate up, this plate has an opening against the cylinders.
If the plate in the upper position. , the gears are blocked and cannot rotate even a little.
The user inserts the keys in the keyholes and puts the guardian plate down.
Both cylinders not reachable ,
handle can be reached , gears are unblocked and can be rotated.
The user rotates the handle and opens the lock.

The lock with one cylinder has the guardian plate with opening for the cylinder and handle and will require the same manipulation to be executed in order to open the lock.

Because the safe has a rod that slips into slots in the three rotors when they're aligned to the combination's numbers, a human safecracker can apply light pressure to the safe's handle, turn its dial, and listen or feel for the moment when that rod slips into those slots.
To prevent the safe to be cracked, the same mechanism can be used on the safe.
If dial is free then handle can't move even a little.
And if handle is free to move, then a dial is blocked and cannot
be rotated even a little.
To prevent the criminals to hear how the safe mechanism works,the nose creating mechanism can be used.
For example, then you release the dial, at the same time you start the rotating container with bearings balls rolling inside.

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