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Neo-hydroelectric power system (NHPS)

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Neo-Hydroelectric Power System (NHPS) solves the current issues that conventional electricity production faces. It is cost-effective with a short building time (2 years), is eco friendly and does not damage the marine life-cycle, does not cause loss of land, does not pose issues with siltation and flow charges, does not produce greenhouse gasses, etc.
This hydroelectric power system includes a fluid channel having a bottom surface and side walls configured to form a fluid passage, an upraised curved lip integral with the bottom surface and configured to form a cavity, and a turbine in fluid communication with the fluid channel, the turbine being configured to fit at least partially within the cavity of the upraised curved lip. This method includes creating a spatial fluid flow of the fluid traveling through the fluid channel with the upraised curved lip and creating electrical power via the turbine with the fluid passing over the upraised curved lip.

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