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The Gentle Lock

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The gentle lock.
Must be open without any unusual force.
The lock has a blocking mechanism .
It will block the lock if such force was attempted to use.
For example,
The lock has a trigger mechanism.
This mechanism will block the lock if the torque force applied on the cylinder was more than it is supposed to be.
Someone will try to pick the lock and apply an unusual amount of torque on a cylinder clockwise to create a tension necessary to feel the pin's position .
The stator in this lock can rotate and be held in place by the spring.
The torque from the cylinder will rotate the stator clockwise at some angle.
If the stator touches the trigger, the trigger will start the blocking mechanism.
But legit keys will not create a great amount of torque and will not trigger a blocking mechanism.
The blocking mechanism works against bumping , drilling and raking in the same way.

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