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ETERO – Flow micro-fuel cell power station

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Stationary energy generating applications from the ETERO residential battery to the scalable batteries for industrial, commercial and off-grid deployment.
Offered as ETERO-flow's small metal-oxygen flow batteries tolerate daily hard work in harsh conditions for residential, industrial, commercial and grid-off energy station.
ETERO is the next stage of the renewable energy revolution.
ETERO designed small 10kWh metal-oxygen flow micro-fuel batteries that tolerate daily hard work in harsh conditions. ETERO-flow batteries are designed for high cycle-rate, long time-base stationary energy generating applications in the residential, commercial & industrial and telecommunications sectors, and are scalable from a single battery installation through to grid-scale deployments.
ETERO-flow’s smart, self-protecting batteries offer unique advantages including secure remote management, 100 per cent daily depth of discharge, tolerance of high ambient temperatures, a simple recycling path, no propensity for thermal runaway and sustained energy delivery throughout their operating life.
ETERO’s unique metal-oxygen flow micro-fuel batteries are designed to power critical sites in the toughest conditions, including temperatures as warm as 50 degrees C with no external cooling. This makes ETERO’s 10 kilowatt-hour (kWh) flow- batteries the ideal solution to business problems such as poor quality or unreliable power supplies, intermittent renewable energy sources and high demand tariffs.
ETERO’s modular design enables you to scale an energy storage solution to suit any size of business. You can have from just one to dozens of flow-batteries.
ETERO's technology involves a metal-oxygen redox micro-fuel-cell in water-based flow-electrolyte that flows from external tank.
Unlike other battery technologies where capacity is gradually lost over time, ETERO's battery can deliver 100% of the rated system capacity daily over a 10-year period without degradation. At its end of life, the battery’s non-flammable electrolyte solution can be purified and re-used.

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