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ETERO – Dry micro-fuel cell portable power station

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Fuel-cell is one of the oldest battery chemistries, first reported by William Robert Grove in 1839 and widely used by the military and space industries.
ETERO is the unique metal-oxygen solid state fuel cell battery designed to provide the off-grid continuous electric-power generating for your home or office.
ETERO power station is ideal for active lifestyle (tourism, mobiles, emergency-rescue, military), residential, telecommunications, commercial and industrial and off-grid energy producing.

• ETERO is a scalable 10 kilowatt-hour (kWh) metal-oxygen fuel cell battery that can deliver 100 per cent of charge each day. ETERO comes in an attractive, outdoor enclosure.
• An ETERO-based energy system cuts your power costs and provides your energy independence goes off grid.
• ETERO provides the perfect energy solution for remote properties. Rather than pay a high price to join the power grid, use a robust ETERO-based energy system allow integrated with solar panels for a fraction of that cost. Use your own stored solar-generated energy and pay no power bills – ever!
• ETERO gives you energy independence and keeps your lights on during grid blackouts. An ETERO energy system can keep your business running when your competitors are paralyzed through power cuts or by blackouts.
• ETERO can deliver 10 kWh of sustained energy every day. ETERO backs metal-oxygen fuel cell with a 10-year warranty.
• ETERO - environmentally friendly and fully recyclable. The ETERO battery is made from easily recycled or reused components. At its end of life, the battery’s elements can be purified and used for new batteries. ETERO also helps to reduce carbon emissions.
• Safe energy system for your home or office. ETERO batteries are intrinsically safe devices. These temperature-tolerant metal-oxygen fuel-cells contain an inherently non-flammable electrolyte solid solution, with a design that means there’s no chance of ‘thermal runaway’ – unlike legacy batteries.
• ETERO redefines the battery. ETERO battery redefines your understanding of how a battery works. With 100 per cent depth of discharge daily, the ETERO delivers a sustained 10kWh of energy generating capacity throughout its operating life.

Luckily, ETERO’s a better solution. When you need a reliable and safe battery chemistry that also helps reduce logistical complexities and supply electro-power chain delays. ETERO’s power station is an easy solution. ETERO - the freedom from the socket.

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