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Flexor: The Amazing Hamstring Stretcher

[Category : - Fitness]
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Our description: Flexor is a hamstring stretching device designed to increase flexibility a quarter of an Inch at a time. This is done by standing on the foot placers and using the ratcheting handle to slowly lower yourself. This slow ratcheting allows your hamstrings to adjust to the new position before continuing.

Patent Description: An apparatus for stretching includes a base element, a housing, a strap element, and a ratcheting element. The housing has a strap egress, a first handle, and a second handle. The strap element has a first end and a second end, where the first end is coupled with the base element and the second end is mounted on a rotating element within the housing, such that the strap element can move in and out of the egress. The ratcheting element is for decreasing an exposed length of the strap between the base element and the housing by rotating one of the handles in a first direction. The base element has a diameter that is adjustable between an operating configuration and a stored configuration. The base element forms a planar surface when in the operating configuration and holds the housing above the planar surface when the base element is in the stored configuration.