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BiAR (Biomass Ash Removal) process is capable to separate the organics, which are valid for energetic uses, from inorganic components, which are a limitation for energetic uses but however, contain valuable elements.

BiAR process contains three steps:

LIQUEFACTION REACTION performed by solvolysis of biomass at moderate temperatures (175-225°C) in presence of methanol or methanol-glycerol mixture and an acidic homogeneous catalyst.

ASH SEPARATION: After the liquefaction of organic matter, separation of inorganic particles is crucial. This is done through the physical separation (filtration) or sedimentation

SOLVENT RECOVERY: the ash-free liquid mass enters a second continuous reactor where the solvent is distilled and thus fully recovered, while the depolymerized biomass remains at the bottom of the reactor and can be shaped into any solid form or left semi-liquid.

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