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First-in-class local/regional immuno-oncology agent

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Immuno-oncology clinical application
While immune checkpoint inhibition is rapidly becoming standard of care in many solid tumors, immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) fail to induce clinical responses in many patients, presumably due to suppressed or insufficient numbers of tumor-specific T cells in the tumor milieu.

Our Immunogel is a local/regional agent that can broaden and deepen the therapeutic response of ICIs by removing immune suppression via specific and local TGF-beta absorption that thereby allows natural immune trafficking and greater immune cell activation. Greater ICI response across patient populations can lead to a distinct clinical and commercial advantage for positioning and differentiation of an agent. Many companies are attempting to achieve this therapeutic goal and we offer a unique/novel solution for achieving this as a loco-regional option in solid tumors.

Use of a TGF-beta trapping locoregional immunotherapy sidesteps systemic toxicity associated with TGF-beta inhibiting small molecules or mAbs by affecting only TGF-beta removal from the tumor microenvironment.

The Immunogel can be used concomitantly to target multiple pathways of tumor-mediated immune escape, for example fibrosis, via local trapping of fibroblast activation protein alpha.

Tissue trauma healing clinical application

Wound and tissue trauma are a bit like tumors in that they rely on the same pathways for restoration. However in the context of wounds, some biological pathways are critically over-stimulated at times and this impedes proper wound healing due to unnecessary over-reactivity.

Immunogel can be placed over or along the site of wounds or tissue trauma in vivo so as to bind out a series of important healing-deterring factors. And through the multiplexing chemistry capability afforded by the Immunogel, a cocktail of molecules can be targeted and bound out all at once, thereby allowing local tuning of the recovery response for optimal and quick tissue recovery.

Immunogel can prove revolutionary for treatment of burns, chronic wounds in the case of diabetic patients, healing of extensive flesh trauma resulting from surgery, sports injuries and injuries sustained at the workplace.

The Immunogel is a polymer-based hydrogel that acts as a “Molecular Mousetrap”. It allows users to specifically bind out target molecules of interest from water-based solutions, biological samples or even signaling molecules within living organisms.

It is composed of just three components:
1) The base is a naturally occurring but unreactive sugar polymer
2) It is mixed with a stabilizing branched polymer
3) Mixed with these 2 components are proprietary nanostructures that can be modified with attachments such as antibodies, aptamers or oligonucleotides.

The result is a hydrogel with tunable pore size properties that allows for specific capture of analytes or molecules that are important to the detection or diagnosis of biological agents or even to exert modulation of therapy in vivo by selectively sequestering unwanted or detrimental signaling molecules.

The Immunogel can also be used in research settings as a tool to bind out non-dilute as well as low concentration molecules suspected to be present or involved in a process. The end product is a powerful new tool that allows scientific investigators and product developers the means to bind out and concentrate specific molecules of interest within a small volume of a bio-compatible hydrogel.

The Immunogel design and formulation is a patented new technology that for the first time enables control and precision in the collection of specific molecules or their manipulation within living organisms for therapy.

Immunogel is naturally antimicrobial, antifungal and antiviral so it can help to improve outcomes, resulting in faster recovery and less complications at the points of tissue application. Immunogel is most stable between 20-45C, at a pH between pH 6.5-7.5, and has the consistency (sponginess) of soft adipose tissue; it maintains its physical properties for about 15 days before naturally degrading and being cleared by the liver.

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