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Water buffalo derived peptide antibiotic therapies-MEXICO

[Category : - Agriculture- HEALTH- PET PRODUCTS]
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The present disclosure relates to antimicrobial agents and methods of using such agents. The disclosure includes antimicrobial agents having broad spectrum antimicrobial activity, nucleic acids and amino acid sequences encoding such antimicrobial agents, as well as methods of using the antimicrobial agents. The antimicrobial agents of the disclosure may be used to reduce survival of a microbe, as an antimicrobial therapeutic, in microbial treatment protocols, and in research, as well as other uses related to reducing microbe survival. In addition, the disclosure also includes compositions, as well as articles of manufacture, that comprise a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent.

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The global dairy cow population is estimated at 265 million with 10M in the US and 26M in the EU. Between 8 to 37 percent of all dairy cows annually get mastitis in all or part of their mammary gland. Mastitis is the most economically important diseases in dairy production, accounting for 38% of dairy cow healthcare-related expenses with annual costs worldwide estimated at $35 billion.

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