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Baby Tooth and Gum Finger Brush

[Category : - HEALTH]
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An infant oral hygiene. Invented by an experienced Dentist.
Looks like the Silicone Baby Finger Tooth Brush.
But the Infant Oral Hygiene Brush (titled WipeNBrush on the package) also has a window at its end, so that a baby tooth wipe can be secured comfortably in place. Best to see a picture of this simple idea.
Parents/guardians are instructed to WIPE the gums and first teeth. But the wipes are awkward to hold, and the caregiver often gets their finger bitten because the baby does not like the feel of a cloth in their mouth. This invention solves all these problems in one gentle “Wipe and Brush”!
The tooth wipe can wipe baby food from the gums and first teeth, and the brush can gently massage around and is ideal to soothe during teething.
The U.S.A. Utility Patent was issued in Sept 3, 2013.
The invention is going into Walmart Stores as part of a baby introductory package in Fall of 2021.. It has been on Amazon for several years, but there is no widespread advertising by the company to make the product known in the wider sphere.
Multiple millions of its competitor with no patent is selling every year. Retail of the new invention is $3.99-4.99.
Seeking a new license agreement or purchase of patent. I have a flexible non-exclusive agreement with one company, but I am free to sign an exclusive agreement. Please contact me for any questions at all here or at [Use the button below to contact me]. Happy to answer them all! Thank you, Dr. Eric

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