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Spill proof beverage packaging

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Spill proof beverage packaging can bring revolution in packaging industry especially the way soft drink drinks, juices packaging is being done currently. with this invention beverage package/container even if kept inverted position while not drinking ensure liquid doesn't spill.

A) Background & Problem Statement:

Spillage of fluids while drinking from a beverage package is a day to day problem. Usage of two-end hollow straw surely reduces amount of spillage. In contrast, using of the two-end hollow straw provides little protection when overturned during usage.

Further, to stop spillage, most of beverage packages are provided with a cover lid. The covering lid must be removed while drinking, and again fitted back with the beverage package during movement or usage.

Proper protection is needed from spillage if also the user forgets to cover the beverage container.

In conventional approach, use of a two-end straw has become an indispensable part of every day’s life. Here, a drinking straw having a tubular body and opening at one end, reduces or eliminates the need to purse one's lips while drinking through a package.

During rough usage, spillage of fluids is a problem. More efficient way to stop spillage of fluid, would be to retrofit the drinking straw inside a beverage package. Another effective way would be to stop the spillage from the drinking straw by any mechanical stoppage.

Hence, there is a need for an improved drinking straw along a beverage packaging to address aforementioned issues.

B) Solution achieved through patent of Spill Proof Beverage Packaging

Initial Insertion of Straw

When Y or T Shape Straw is inserted it will not spill liquid out of packaging even if you hold container upside down.

While Drinking the Beverage

When user wish to drink the liquid, lid to be capped at one end of the straw and subsequently liquid will start flowing from the other end of the straw.

While Not Drinking the Beverage

When user wants to take break in drinking the beverage, lid cap to be removed from one end and liquid flow will stop immediately.


This type of straws can be used in pre inserted or post insertion packaging solutions. Packaging solutions can be provided in multiple shapes and sizes

User Friendliness

Instead of Lid cap user can keep thumb to drink the beverage and once he removes the thumb beverage stops coming out of the packaging hence provide spill proof solution.

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