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[Category : - Appliances and houseware]
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This method is used to create shapes (with restrictions), English numbers, letters of the English alphabet and brands (with restrictions) in three dimensions inside different types of ice. The difference between this mold and the molds available in the market is in three features of this invention: First, if desired, the audience can make ordinary ice at any time using only the bottom tray. Second, by using the upper and secondary doors, it can create different shapes, flavors and colors in three dimensions inside the ice. Third, they can make ice cubes for children and their guests in ice with pieces of fruit, vegetable leaves, flavorings, and other foods.rnRemarkable and important point:rnWe registered the method of this new and innovative invention, Due to the domestic and international patent, the buyer of this invention is able to design, produce and market collections with different and new shapes and sizes at any time based on this method and original design, and surpass its competitors.

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we want to sell our intellectual property.
Other Details:
With this method, it can be used in the production of different types of ice by creating shapes, numbers, letters of the alphabet and trademarks (logos) with different flavors and colors in a three-dimensional way inside another ice.
Dimensions: Can be made in different dimensions
Material: Silicone - to prevent the materials used from sticking to the wall
Format: Can be made in different designs and shapes
Number: Can be made in any number
Consumable: Home (daily consumption and celebrations), cafes, restaurants and hotels.

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