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[Category : - Jewellery- Camping and Outdoors - Navigation and orientation]
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a wearable navigation system that enables a user to actively presume the right direction to proceed, to indicate it by his or her arm or finger and to judge whether or not it really is the right direction.SOLUTION: A wearable navigation system is equipped with indicated direction detecting means that detects the direction a user indicates by his or her arm or finger, current position locating means that locates the current position of the user, guiding direction determining means that determines the guiding direction in which the user should travel from the current position or a branching point the user will pass next, and presenting means that presents to the user the result of collation of the indicated direction with the guiding direction, and enables the user to judge whether or not he or she should travel in the indicated direction.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 4

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