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The KleanSole Antimicrobial Mat

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KleanSole is a new patented device designed to sanitize the soles of footwears to prevent the tracking of harmful infection-causing microorganisms on your shoes into your home.

When you walk outside, go shopping, use public restrooms, ride public transportation, visit in public buildings, etc., the bottoms of your shoes attract many kinds of harmful bacteria including from human and animal fecal matter.

You then go home and walk inside with your shoes on, tracking in bacteria picked up from everywhere you walked that day, unto your floors, including your carpets. Young children and toddlers who crawl and play on the floor and are at the stage of picking up things and putting into their mouths, are most vulnerable to these dangerous infection-causing microorganisms tracked in.

Our unique battery-operated KleanSole device, containing a replaceable canister of antimicrobial sanitizing solution, automatically sprays the solution to the bottom of each shoe when you simply step onto it with both feet. You may then walk inside with confidence that you can keep your shoes on and not contaminate your floors and expose your loved ones to potentially serious infection-causing germs, bacteria and other microorganisms.

Financial information

This new invention has a huge market potential for use in homes and facilities, such as nursing homes and daycare centers, etc.

You make a sale of the device to a consumer and continue to profit from repeat sales of the required replaceable antimicrobial sanitizing solution.

Product development is at the stage of a prototype ready for mass production of retail units.

Patent is available for outright sale, licensing or other negotiated cooperation arrangements.

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