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[Category : - HEALTH]
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A convenient device for stretching the spine, which can be used both at home and in medical institutions. rnYou can carry out several wellness processes. rn1. The main function-stretching, unloading of the spine.rn2. Vibration massagern3. Heating.rn The unit can be used as a normal single bed.rnThanks to the developed mechanism, the surface of the device, the viscoelastic mattress, is lengthened evenly. To control the speed of extension of the device, a special mechanism with a regulator is built in. The surface of the device is soft, comfortable to use. To perform the stretching procedure, you do not need an assistant , just lie down on the device, activate the extension mechanism, using the regulator, which is located on the side of the device. The extension of the device works due to the weight of the person, does not require electricity.rnAlong with the above, the device can be supplemented with: rn- vibration motors for performing vibration massage.rn- heating elements . Heating the surface of the device helps to relax the spasmodic muscles and prepares them for stretching.rnThe vibration massage device (vibration motors) and the heater can be installed both together and separately. rnAll functions of the device can work independently of each other.

Financial information

Direct sale, license with royalty. I'll give the buyer a brief business plan. I will tell you more about the production of devices. Very low production costs. I'll sign the necessary equipment. This device will help many people to heal the spine. Effective, convenient, and useful. A new product on the market of medical devices.

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