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Wearable alert device when hearing is compromised

[Category : - Appliances and houseware- Telecommunications- Security and alarms]
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The inability to hear environmental alarms or alerts when hearing is compromised, especially for the deaf and elderly, causes anxiety and stress. Noisy situations, wearing headphones, distance from a sound signal can result in missed events.
Using intelligent sound recognition technology, we can solve the problem of not hearing alerts from a cooker alarm, a telephone call or a door knock. trem-bel can learn sounds from many sources, turning them into vibration and light in a wristband.
trem-bel fills a niche. There are several other options in this genre of product, but none that come with all the functions that trem-bel has. trem-bel was built with disability in mind for problems that effect the elderly, from arthritis to hearing loss to poor or no vision. It required careful thought in design and technical implementation.

Other competitors have tackled the issue in very different ways, from volume enhanced doorbells to video internet communication to the door. trem-bel offers something quite new, taking an holistic approach to a person's experiences when living independently with disability. How do they live? Can they manage technology or do they need help? Do they have a carer, and how often do they visit? Through our research we were able to build a picture of the type of device we needed to create.

A whole environment solution was necessary, a wearable that could function in a hostile environment, e.g. water, a bath or shower. Many people in later life report that their memory- 'is not what it was'... age related problems creep in. This is where trem-bel can help, as we use people's abilities that are still good- to help them stay independent. Humans can't be 'upgraded' while technology can.
British Invention Show gold winner 2018. Best new invention.

Financial information

A license agreement with royalties is favoured or for the right offer will consider an outright sale or other form of company subsidiary partnership. There is a working prototype and full business plan blue print of who will develop manufacture and full costings which is available for UK manufacture. trem-bel must come to market and not be quashed to allow other products favour.

trem-bel has never been sold but its market potential is world wide as its technology does not rely on internet communication to achieve full functionality. 50% of the world does not have access to the internet whilst 25% of the UK is not connected. Full business plan documents the market world wide and advantages over current offerings.

trem-bel name and graphic design is trademarked. An additional patent taken out to cover additional developments.
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