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Post quantum Endpoint-To-Endpoint encryption

[Category : - SOFTWARES]
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This invention is Endpoint-To-Endpoint Industrial internet encryption system:

The invention is a key less encryption as a replacement for public key infrastructure.

1. It is a base of 2048 and multiple of 2048 bits of encryption
2. Polymorphic / Homomorphic
3. Post quantum cryptography
4. Decentralized security
5. Autonomous encryption

This is currently used in mobile devices, computer and IoT.

We simply create solutions to protect privacy and secure corporate/client information.

We have demonstrated this here: Link

You can also try building things on android device for yourself by going to Link

Financial information

I will like to sale a license
-This will be with royalty 25 cent / usd1
-Life time USD2M

It has never been sold or licensed to anyone in this only as SaaS under EULA.

At this time there is a need for information security in transit, motion, and at rest. This means that a centralized security is no longer needed. All entities requiring authentication non longer need to store, re-use, move and manage keys.

No exclusivity.
5% from net sales after taxes
10% upfront on each project its use in. Of course we will build it.