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Apparatus and Method for Tagging a Perpetrator

[Category : - Security and alarms]
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60 convenient stores robbed every day at gun point, 6000 bank’s robbed annually FBI involvement conviction rate is 21%
Convenient store conviction rate is 6%
Multi state study of convenient store robbery
Homicide ranks as one of the leading types of occupational deaths
In the USA, accounting for over 1100 workers deaths in the last year
Convenient stores have one of the highest prevalence of work place
Homicide and also have high rates of of robberies
This has prompted leaders of convenience store industry public health officials and the criminal justice system to search for ways to reduce these rates and enhance the safety of store workers
At a low cost of couple dollars a day per store
Perpetrators will be tagged with dye after such an event either by panic button or decibel switch that detects gun shot
To enhance prosecution, most perps enact a second such crime
Soon after there first
Device will reduce liability insurance cost as well as worker’s compensation
Apparatus and methods for tagging, or otherwise marking, a perpetrator or suspected perpetrator are provided. The apparatus includes a marker delivery device configured to mark the perpetrator, for example, with a canine scent or fluorescent marker; and a trigger configured to actuate the marker delivery device, for example, a button or switch. The marker delivery device may deliver a fluid or a solid to the clothes or accessories of a perpetrator when activated. The apparatus may also include a sensor adapted to detect the presence of the perpetrator, for example, an optical or mechanical sensor. The sensor may be adapted to detect the presence of the perpetrator in a target area of the marker delivery device. Methods of tagging are also disclosed. Aspects of the invention are uniquely adapted for convenience store or gas station security, but can also be applied in residential and office environments, among others.

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