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E-Paper – electric-power primary battery

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Welcome to E-Paper breakthrough technology. E-Paper – electric-power primary source “printed” in paper.
We created, developed a clean energy technology powered by an embedded ultra-thin printable electric (voltaic) cell battery. Our printed galvanic batteries are flexible, environmentally safe and disposable.
E-Paper’s breakthrough technology is based on an innovative process that enables the printing of its batteries both on regular paper and on a polymer film substrate by means of a simple mass-printing technology and a special ink.
E-Paper is a paper thin, environmentally friendly, safe, resilient and flexible electric battery with "ink" energy cells. E-Paper technology can be tailored to the size, thickness and form factors required for any product design.
E-Paper functions just like a traditional electrochemical cell, but very thin, like a sheet of writing paper. The E-Paper cell is capable of generating 1.5V / 3V electrical energy and its power exceeds of a standard AA cell.
The cell (sheet) of E-Paper has the size of A4 size writing paper and its thickness is up to 0.5 mm, and several sheets (cells) can be used in combination to provide more electric power.
Because ink is used to produce E-Paper, the batteries are considered dry, and don't need the metal casing that conventional batteries do to contain harmful, toxic chemicals. This lack of casing allows electronics manufacturers to utilize the power source in many shapes and sizes.
Since it doesn't require special production equipment, E-Paper can be made outside of clean- or dry-room conditions, which lowers production costs. E-Paper batteries can be produced for a mere 1 cent per square inch.

E-Paper's clean energy sources can be used to create an endless product list and expand product lines.

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