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[Category : - Heating & Cooling]
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A fuel combustion system comprises a discharge nozzle with concentric fuel and air orifices. A fuel conduit is coupled to each fuel orifice for supplying liquid fuel thereto. An air conduit is coupled to each air orifice for supplying air thereto. The fuel and the pressurized air only mixing with one another, upon being discharged from the respective fuel and air orifices, to form a fuel mixture. A supplemental air source supplies supplement air to facilitate combustion. An air deflector sleeve at least partially surrounds and accommodates the at least one discharge nozzle and a cylindrical blast tube surrounding the air deflector sleeve and an outlet end of the cylindrical blast tube supports a flame retention head. The flame retention head redirects the supplement air radially inward, through openings in the air deflector sleeve and the flame retention head, to assist with combustion of the fuel mixture. Best used in conjunction with Patent No. 0874349, which is also for sale.

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