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NFL Street volume 4 nonprovisional utility patent

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NFL Street volume 4-European Patent Office Application#
A technique and structure of Augmented Reality Virtual reality technologies directly containing an abstract reality of information and communications technologies within a virtual reality infrastructure.

The existing formulation is manifested to a prototype methodology technique and horsepower process for virtual reality abstract genesis. Whereby, a customer may operate a specialized coordination of National football league characters and their legend counterparts. Wherein the C++ Programming language and specialized software game engine mechanics allow for internal design, level generation and computer Programming data transformation within a dual computer mechanism. A slight Sequence between software licensing data transformation and engineering a dynamic foundation software archetype blueprint is held within the python scripting and data terminal source code. A philosophy of an incomprehensible resilience. An engineered computer software mechanism, comprising of a manipulated dimension of video game characters and Zone vocabulary. Prototyping the architecture code and the data server code allow for multiple representations of the binary circle towards the end user consumer.

Patent Value $10,000-$30,000 Per Patent
Valid U.S. patents that do not have particularly broad claims, are
not in a particularly large market, have no licensees and have
not been litigated.-Tynax Patent Brokers & IP Strategists

NFl Street volume 4 is a nonprovisional utility patent software blueprint created by Arnes Becirovic.

NFL Street volume 4 is an engineered technology software apparatus containing National football League characters and their legend counterparts using a unified modeling language software engineering platform. Containing certain statutory rights, that is given to the creators and their assigns, including a right to control the distribution of their intellectual property creative works. A technique for constructing a geostationary system of claim 1, further comprising a step of using C++ Programming language towards an antecessor effect allows for arcade style gameplay that is based on a seven on seven American football street exhibition containing National football league players and their legend equivalents. A method for super synchronous software engineering a product of claim 1, further comprising a step of restructuring a multiplexing computer cryptogram allows the user the opportunity to command the professional football teams that feature thirteen players on the thirty two NFL teams from the 2021 NFL season, and the gameplay rosters are accurate as of May 13, 2021.
A technique of Game Engine software manufacturing an apparatus of claim 1, further comprising a step of Chaos destruction and LOD towards a licensed technology product allows the game plan feature the ability to create your own offensive and defensive game plan in the quest for the legendary super bowl mode. With a chosen team, you have the ability to go through an entire sixteen game season and playoff format in a quest for the NFL Street championship, which is held at SoFi Stadium, Inglewood, California parking lot.
Restricting general public access to the intellectual property product-barring the content provider from pretending to be said market facilitates the prototype cover which features Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliot and Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson on the cover.
The addition of the punt return feature allows the user the ability to command special team game breaker opportunity with the return team, instead of turning the ball over on downs. Own the country mode is the newest feature in NFL Street volume 4. The player must create a character, assemble a team and travel across the country to play various teams across the United States. The sound in NFL Street volume 4 is sufficient. Nes Jordan lends his voice to the series for the first time and he seems to have created a place for himself within the entertainment industry. The opportunity to use “Blitzkreig” unleashes a gamebreaker like move on your opponents once it has been built up using style points. The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders finally make an appearance in the series.
Background of the invention- Unity of invention/Field of the invention
The Invention NFL Street volume 4 generally relates to the NFL Street volume 3 concept developed by EA Tiburon and published by EA sports Big. Wherein the improvement comprises of a special teams Punt return ability in the game NFL Street volume 4 2021.
Background of the prior art
The Professional Art was created by me and the Art will be used inside the final prototype. Chaos Improvements and default physics systems along with Remote Control API and presets allow for the ability to collect parameters and function libraries into the unreal editor. Anisotropic response and isotropic response is enabled to emit additional properties for just the objects using the anisotropic material. Stage Monitor tool connects to all the machines in a Multi-User session and reports performance stats and hitches, such as FPS and GPU usage. I’m able to view these reports from any machine in the session and I can contextualize the reports into critical sections for easy filtering as well as export them as a JSON file within the prototype.

No Cross reference to related applications
Brief summary of the invention/Brief description or drawings
Operation/Civil law
The final prototype is a form of intellectual property that gives me the owner the legal right to exclude others from making, using, selling and importing an invention for a limited period of years. In exchange for publishing and enabling public disclosure of the final prototype, I will sell the final prototype to an End User publishing company using an End user Licensing Agreement along with 4 pieces of intellectual property contract. These pieces of contract are Assignment of Rights patent issued, Assignment of Intellectual property rights, Intellectual property assignment agreement and a nondisclosure agreement. A method for distribution of products of claim 1, further comprising a step of tendering payment to a content provider by a said facilitator. Original Sound recordings that contain certain musical composition that comes from certain compact disc, vinyl disk, open reel tape and cassette tapes. A method for the intellectual property distribution of claim E, further comprising a step of barring the content provider from pretending to be said client.

Purpose of the invention
The purpose of NFL Street volume 4 is to entertain the National football league fans with a Video game stimulus threshold on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox. Nothing will give these fans more of a rush then to be able to navigate virtual reality infrastructure technology with their favorite NFL teams and players. The invention will allow the National Football League the opportunity to expand into untapped European Union marketing channels. An embodiment of pure precision engineering./ Wherein the improvement comprises of a special teams Punt return ability in the game NFL Street volume 4 2021 from NFL Street Volume 3 2006. A technique and structure of Augmented Reality Virtual reality technologies directly containing an abstract reality of information and communications technologies within a virtual reality infrastructure.

Financial information

I have 17 pieces of Business Contract for the Willing buyer-
(1)NDA/nondisclosure agreement (3 Pages)
(2)Assignment of Intellectual property rights-(2 Pages)
(3)Assignment of Rights patent issued (2 Pages)
(4)Intellectual property assignment Agreement-(4 Pages)
(5)Patent Retainer -(6 Pages)

(1) All copyrights ©, Trade secrets, Trademarks TM ® and associated good will and all patents which may be granted on the Invention.
(2) All applications for patents (including divisions, continuations in whole or part or substitute applications) in the United States or any foreign countries whose duty it is to issue such patents.
(3) Any reissues and extensions of such patents; and
(4) All priority rights under the International Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property for every member country.

("Assignor") is the owner of all proprietary and intellectual property rights, including copyrights and patents, in the concepts and technologies known as NFL Street Volume 4 and more specifically described in Attachment A [attach a description of the invention to the Assignment and label it “Attachment A”] to this Assignment (and referred to collectively as the "Invention") and the right to registrations to the Invention. ______________ [insert name of person or company to whom rights will be assigned], ("Assignee") desires to acquire the ownership of all proprietary rights, including, but not limited to, the copyrights ©, Trade secrets, Trademarks ® and associated good will and patent rights in the Invention and the registrations to the Invention.
Therefore, for valuable consideration, the receipt of which is acknowledged, assignor hereby assigns to Assignee 100% -One hundred Percent of all right, title

The invention has not been Previously sold or Marketed.

$25,000.00 Lump sum or $2000.00/m 12 Month royalty agreement is what I am looking for in terms of Contract negotiation.

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