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Absolute safety on a motorcycle, bike, etc: Armadura Tubular®

[Category : - Automotive Accessories ]
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It's a protective equipment with applications in many areas, which can be decisive to increase adhesions to micro-mobility: motorcycles, bicycles, e-scooter, e-bike, etc. Because it gives effective protection against serious damage without generating heat nor discomfort.
It is based on the immense advantage of using hard and extensive materials, for minimizing the impact force, through its distribution over extensive rigid pieces and through mechanical vibration - which consumes the impact energy naturally. The mechanical vibration is favored by the maintenance of rigid pieces in an unstable position. Because the connection pieces are made of flexible materials.
It covers protective equipment for motorcyclists, bicycle, work safety, sports in general, flying equipment and others.

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The English translation of all documents of my patent application (PCT/BR2019/050253, WO / 020/006618) can be accessed on this site:

Financial information

I intend to charge my inventor rights through a license to be paid by the final customer.
This license would be 20% of the final price of the product for popular equipment, such as motorcycles, bicycles,' and should reach 50% of the price of sports products and flight equipment.
This reduces the license fee, which would be composed of the cost of the patent process in the national phase in the respective country (PCT system) plus a fee variable between 1,000 and 20,000 euros (one thousand and twenty thousand euros) depending on the state, country or union of countries.

There is a large market without a similar product. Because Armadura Tubular® is a Personal protection equipment, PPE that really dampens the force of strong impacts. And make this without generating heat nor discomfort .
Thus, it is an incredible invention especially for cities – as there are here in Brazil and around the world – with chaotic traffic and demand for bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, etc.
In this patent application, there are also models to be coupled to individual flight equipment, balloons and aircraft seats, in addition to a derivation for other products.

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