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[Category : - ELECTRONICS- Automotive Accessories - ELECTRICITY & LIGHTING]
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Most items/devices used in our daily life, be that telephones, tablets, headphones, speakers, cordless hand tools, cars, bikes and so on, have a lithium battery that needs to be charged. Lithium batteries are volatile during charging and hundreds of homes burn down world wide because of overheating batteries or chargers or devices.

Our patent detects an overheat situation in a split second and triggers a horn or sends a signal to a fire alarm system.

The sensor and alarm system/transmitter is contained in the cable. The cable has a fire proof powersource (capacitor) in case the charger stops supplying electricity in case it fails.

"The disclosure proposes a cable for connecting to an electronic device. The cable comprising an electrical cord, a connector, a sensor device and an alarm unit. The connector is connected to one end of the electrical cord, and adapted to connect the cable to the electronic device. The sensor device is arranged at the connector and is adapted for collecting sensor data from the electronic device when the connector is connected to the electronic device. The alarm unit is connected to the sensor device and arranged to initiate an alarm based on output data from the sensor device."

Financial information

We are looking for an outright sale.

Our patent has been marketed as a charge cable for telephones only.
The patent is extremely diverse since it covers all types of charging, and almost everything will be charged in the future and battieries are volatile while being charged.
In Sweden with 10 000 000 people there is one house burnt down every month because of telephone chargers catching fire. If we just play with statistics that number would in a world wide situation be 1200o houses / year.

There are approximately 7 000 000 000 telephones in the world. If we could sell charge cables to 1/1000 of those phones it would be 7 000 000 cables, and if we could make usd 3 per cable it would be usd 21 000 000. That is excluding all other devices that has to be charged so the numbers could easily multiply when you ad tablets, speakers, computers, cordless handtools, cars, bikes, vehicles and so on.

We prefer to sell all patents together by selling our corporation, but they can also be sold as patents.

We have a reg trademark (EUIPO) "Scudi" included in the sale.