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The Hydraulic pressure tires

[Category : - Automotive Accessories - Pneumatic Accessories]
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rnEgyptrnArab Republic of Egyptrn rnMinistry of State for Scientific Research and Technologyrn rnAcademy of scientific ResearchrnrnEgyptian Patent Officernpatent number 27899rnrn Int. Cl.6 (51)rn(71) 1. Eng . Hassan Hassan Elsayed Mora rn rn rn(74)rnrn(12) ????? ?????rn rn The mechanical clinging full tires on the new Rims rn ?(hydraulic pressure tire system) rn ?rnrn(57) The abstract description in English rnrn This Patent reach, to the ability of clinging a prefabricated full tire on a new Rim through a few minutes by mechanical method with pre-calculated hydraulic pressure ; according to the kind of the tire for each vehicle and its condition work ; and it can be rnexchanged quickly at under special workshop after adding modifications to their devices rnAnd therefore it can be final curtain about the suffering repeated disruption ; this many consequences and the disaster death caused by the tire's explosion comes to the current air pressure tires . rnAnd therefore doubling the actual age of the tire with ideal performance !!! rnTo The Technical Department)rn*rnDear Sirs, rn* In the last ten years there have been many attempts aimed to End the permenent problems of air tires, but they did not succeed in replacing the damaged solid tire in an immediate way.rnrnThere was a competition among Large tire companies regarding the price of tire reach to double price of another ' based on the expiration and safety.rnwe already have patent (attached) which offers a modified tire with a longer life. rnrn* Enclose Here with a short description of production and distribution ' as followsrnrn1_ The company shall start providing the product to replace the current systemrnBy refilling air tires under the same amount of air pressure depending on the conditions of use for each tire to be the same characteristics of compressed air flexibility.. or better!rnThese filling matter include liquid foams , some additives of pvc (poly vinyl chloride), rubber and nylon as used in forklift tires and others. The cost of this is very simple and does not reach to 2% of the frame valuernrn2_ tire company will provides a varieties of Rims according to their planing and then modify them according to specifications of the invention 'rnOr can assign engineering workshops to modify them according to specifications of invention .and in general, the cost of this process is very low and not more than 5% of the value of the Rim. rnrn3_ And then the company has to do the necessary publicity and provide points of service, such as renting a places about 20 square meters or less at the fuel stations or any suitable places to replace the current tires with the newrnrn4_And finally these places are provided after one year or more with the new tools to replace the damaged soled tires immediately with the new tires on the modified rims !!rnrnImportant notes rnthe tire company which invest in the purchasing of used current Rims in good case not more than 40% of their value and will cost not more than 5% of it's value that throughout the replacement the current system with the new ones ! rn'and then after modified will sell it with value of not less than 140% rnAnd with the cycle of capital used in this content is more than 10 times per year which satisfy 1200 % at least as economic gains , and in this process of replacing the old with the new 'as well as investment in the manufacture of the new product from A to Z! rnrnrn*rnCertainly that this system will prevail all over the world rapidly 'like any development in any field, and perhaps yourn are the first before other companies rnrnWith my best wishes rnrnEngineer Hassan El sayedrnrnTel +201124995944rnrnEmail /[Use the button below to contact me] [Use the button below to contact me]

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