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Digital Coaster Picture Frame

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rnThis device joins a traditional coffee/beverage coaster (although much larger for aesthetic) to display out of the face a digital picture frame display, equipped with a spring loaded body to put the vacant coaster up at adjustable angles but primarily to the extent of such an angle to properly view album images, the device as well has an air piston inside the arm and base tube frame which can be manually controlled by the user to adjust the speed of which the coaster springs forward, and a manual control which serves to set the angle at which the coaster stops at upward ascent for a relatively ideal angle to view the contents thereof for whatever position the device is viewed from. The device has a circular tube frame which serves as a base and rest for the coaster as it is lying. At the front of the base is an opening which the coaster arm is fitted into forming a solid seamless tube base. The rest of the device is the coaster part which is a digital picture frame encased in glass of traditional coaster shape. There are buttons on the rear of the product for navigation, selection, power and Bluetooth (R) activation. The tube base is weighted so that the forward motion of the spring arm is balanced. rnrnrnrn

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