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Device To Lift And Rotate Forklift Tire

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Why a forklift tire lifter is needed:
A 16" cushion forklift tire weighs about 70 pounds. A 28" pneumatic tire weighs about 200 pounds. These tires are difficult or impossible to lift physically.
It is unsafe to work on a forklift when only supported by a hydraulic jack. Tires should be installed or removed when the forklift is supported by blocks or jack stands.
Due to the design of most forklifts(small footprint), the support blocks must be close to the tires to be stable and support forklift safely. Due to this, there is limited area under a forklift to use a device to lift a forklift tire. A device to lift a forklift tire can only be an inch or two wider than the diameter of the tire being lifted. This device must also be adjustable width to work with range of diameter tires. For example, a device designed to lift only a 28" tire would interfere with forklift support blocks if a technician tried to use it on a forklift with a 16" diameter tire. Another example would be a device designed for only a 16" tire would not be stable lifting a 28" diameter tire.
The benefits of my device:
Technician doesn't have to physically lift tire to install or remove tire when using my device.
My device allows tire installation while forklift is on blocks. Much safer method than using the hydraulic jack only to support forklift.
Device is width adjustable to lift and rotate to install or remove a range of diameter tires. Adjustable legs allows device to clear blocks supporting forklift. Adjustable arms allow the rollers to support and rotate the tire to align wheel fasteners.
Prevent damage to wheel studs. I’ve found wheel studs can be nicked or damaged when removing and installing heavy wheel assemblies.

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