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The Multipurpose Dress - Canadian Utility patent number 2,965,637

[Category : - Wearing apparel]
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The Multipurpose Dress

VERY IMPORTANT: You MUST look at the ONE DRIVE LINK BELOW to understand the invention and its purposes.

Please contact me if you can't open the link I will send it by email.


• This is a UTILITY patent, which is rarely granted in women’s fashion field. Design patents are frequently granted, not utility patents.

• You will have the opportunity to introduce something new into your business to meet women’s needs. I believe that my innovation will bring a real change and attract women’s interest.
Otherwise, I won’t have worked so hard on this improvement.

• The Multipurpose dress will not go unnoticed since it can transform a wardrobe in a creative and enjoyable way, making clothing multi-use, versatile and various.

• A similar invention with small differences would not pass the Prior Art test.

• To facilitate the transaction, there is an intellectual property firm In Quebec City, where I live: Link

DESCRIPTION (see pictures for understanding)

The Multipurpose dress : Comfortable, natural overlay, easy to put on and most importantly, versatile. No waistbands, pockets, darts, thick edges, etc. There is no skirt designed like the Multipurpose dress so that clothes fall freely, comfortably and elegantly
over it.

The multipurpose dress is made up of three sections sewn together:

1) The shoulder section with stable straps enough width to cover the bra straps. This section can be visible so the color and the material must fit with the bottom part section.

2) The central section is an underwear so is not visible when worn under garments. Similar to a full slip, it is made of comfortable and light fabric and designed so that clothes look feminine and fall freely and elegantly over it. The length may vary.

3) The bottom section is in the form of a straight skirt. It is the visible part, the part that gives the look and style. It is not a hem. It is not only an extender. It starts below the waist or lower. The longer varies depending of the desired length. The style, the fabric and the colors harmonise with the style, the fabric and the colors of women’s clothes.

Link to access my Canadian Patent

Financial information

The success of the invention depends on the contacts with the fashion industry.

In addition, it would be important to have a tailor that will manufacture a sample. Once you have a sample, you can easily prove the usefulness using a lot of clothes.

Not only the dress is easy to make, but surplus of fabrics can be used so this will reduce the cost of manufacturing.

I am not a business woman and have no way to contact fashion industry decision-makers. I tried but this is a closed world like other businesses.

I have a neuromuscular disease and no energy to publicize my invention but I know how easy it will be for a person in the field! I believe that my innovation will bring a real change and attract women’s interest. Otherwise, I won’t have worked so hard on this

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