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Possible covid19 medicine

[Category : - HEALTH]
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I have found a solution to covid 19 virus. I think it is not possible to work on this unless there is a huge investment and company with good scientists and researchers who can make this medicine into reality.

Here's the millions or billion dollars idea.
We all know that covid 19 does not stay when we wash our hands with the soap. The soap does not allow the virus to bond and kills it.
My idea is that how about taking some chemical composition or components of the soap and use it to create a medicine so that it can be made into a safe medicine which kills the virus and doesn't let it bond together. In case interested please mark me an email at [Use the button below to contact me] or leave me a whatsapp message or on my india number 8080122322. My name is Parag S Dalvi. I do innovations on part time hobby basis.

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