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optimization device for all types of irrigation

[Category : - Agriculture]
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CONVENTIONAL irrigation composed of rnNo irrigation control installationrnThe operator waters by blanket according to his visual belief of the need. rnPROGRAMMED watering rnThere is an installation of water pipes, electrovalves thatrnare activated every few programmed times on a clock, without having real control rnof the need for soil moisture.rnAUTOMATED irrigation (installation of fixed probes) rnThere is installation of water pipes, network controlled electrovalves, andrnhundreds of humidity probes that will determine when there is a need for irrigation according tornthe humidity of the ground.rnOPTIMISED AUTOMATED irrigation (installation of mobile probes that control all possible variations)rnThere is an installation of dosed water pipes, controlled solenoid valvesrnby our App or web and a few mobile control probes that determine the need for irrigation rnaccording to various criteria.rn1-Temperature of the terrain.rn2-Environmental temperature.rn3-Temperature of the irrigation water.rn4-Humidity of the land. rn5- Environment humidity.rn6-Water salinity.rn7-Length of the light wave received by the crop.rn8-Exact geolocation of the irrigation control device.rn9-Water flow control.rn10-Co2 control.rn11- Activation and deactivation of the electrovalves according to need.rn12-Reception of control of good functioning of the device.rn13- Alarm against thefts and monitoring of the device.rn14-The measures of the probes will give them to us to 15,30,45 cm or to 30,45,60 cm of depth according to we decide.rn rnRELEVANT DIFFERENCES WITH RESPECT TO WHAT IS EXISTING IN THE MARKET. 1.-No previous installation is required. 2.-An economic saving of 80% in the investment. 3.-Geolocation and continuous control day and night of a possible theft, being able to locate it and follow its trail. 4.-The control of irrigation by flood, not existing any device at the present time that carries it out. 5.-We are not conditioned by the area where every year we plant in the irrigation control infrastructure. 6.-We can use it for the control in greenhouses, fields of irrigation by flood, dripping or sprinkling. THE MOST RELEVANT DIFFERENCE.rnIt is a device that does not need any previous installation, since on the spot the device we place it where we decide as many times as we want in the day and in different areas, controlling the irrigation and conditions of all the terms that affect the plantation. The crop extensions are so large and change every year from areas and land depending on their lease or climate, not being profitable to perform a fixed irrigation control installation for its installation, maintenance and theft costs that occur continuously of the elements, in open field. This device will become as dependent on farmers as a Smartphone can be today for us in everyday life.rnEXAMPLE TO SEE ITS FUNCTIONALITY IN LARGE EXTENSIONS.rnrnMarket offerings today.rnrnUnlike what is on the market, where existing products depend on a fixed installation that conditions us by their infrastructure and involves making it an installation for each control device, in which we will have to make for each device a hole in the ground at approximately one meter deep and individually interlock the three probes at three different depths , burying them later and leaving them fixed, where we will later have to interlock a stake to be able to position the control device of these three probes that will cover the control on a perimeter of about 2 meters being condemned to control of this area forever, where we will have to apply approximately 2 hours of work. rnIn reality, to control a plantation of a medium-sized company that has at least 20 hectares, it would take at least every 2000 square meters to control the entire area.rnrnWith what we would have to install 100 fixed devices, the average cost of two hours of installation for each device, can cost 40 euros per unit, plus an annual maintenance of a person reviewing and resseating the defects of each device or probes individually each day, which can amount to 24,000 euros of annual salary, plus a minimum cost of 800 euros per device and probes , so 100 units will be worth about 80,000 euros.rnrnWe will take advantage of the person who is in charge of controlling the farms to try not to have thefts that we can barely control and less in the dark, being able to produce these an additional uncontrolled cost.rnThe annual costs of the 20 hectares with the devices of the current market would be.rnrn1.-100 devices x 800 euros 80,000 euros rn2.-Annual maintenance of a person 24,000 euros rn3.-Parts of the 100 devices to be exchanged in the year 10% of the 80,000 euros would be 8,000 euros rn4.-Installation costs 100 units per 2 hours, with a value of 40 euros /hour s 4,000 euros. rnrnTotal year 80,000+24,000+8,000+4,000 x 116,000 euros per yearrnWhat our device offers.rnrnWith our devices we will divide the 20 hectares that are 200,000 meters into 4 zones A,B,C,D of 50,000 meters each.rnA) In the first zone A we will interlock the 25 devices where we determine, having them only two days interlocked to get all the necessary data.rnB) Within two days, these will be nestled in zone B to obtain all data on this area and so on in C and D.rnC) On the seventh day it will be re-interlocked in zone A where the process will be repeated again.rnWith this process, we will manage to have the measurements and control of 20 hectares of planting every 7 days, activate or deactivate remote irrigation with our app, act chemically on the plantations depending on the data obtained and all from our app or website.rnThe annual costs of the 20 hectares with our device would be.rnrn1.- 25 devices at 800 euros .20,000 euros. rn2.-We will take advantage of the person in charge of the control of the farms to interlock the devices, every other day in a different area. Being able to choose any area to measure or terrain without being conditioned to a fixed installation.rn 3.-A 10% of elements to be changed in the devices due to deterioration, which represents 2000 euros year.rnrnTotal year 20,000 + 2000 euros 22,000 euros of expenses.rnObtaining a difference in expenses less than 81% if we used our device in addition to having the freedom to have a mobile installation.rnThis device will give us.rnrn A) In the types of irrigation by (flooding or dripping and spraying), it will give us the temperature of the terrain, humidity of the terrain, salinity at three different depths on the spot, ambient temperature, ambient humidity, wavelength that reaches the plant, geolocation where we have installed the interlocking device, instant alarm ( theft or displacement of the device) and in greenhouses the CO2 for its control since it favors the photosynthesis of the plants and a better use water plants.rnB) In flood irrigation, it controls, what no device currently has, patented also by this quality, allows us to use it as a tool to control the desired arrival and height of water in the plots that we are watering (thus facilitating us, not having to be present in each irrigation course all the time at the foot of the plot day and night passing cold and causing hours of lost work that can be used in other tasks) to know when the water has arrived and if it already completes the irrigation plot at the desired height, moving back to the plot only when it is already watered, to re-place it on a new plot to be watered, for its quality the same operator will be able to control the irrigation of several farms at once.rnObjectivesrnIn all irrigation systemsrn1-Ensure irrigation when the plantation needs it. rn2-Get the necessary standards for crop control rn3-Create a history of baring and irrigation for future use or study. rn4-Mobile system, avoiding expensive and fixed infrastructure installations for each plot for data collection. rn5-Remote irrigation control.rn rnIn the flood system or groovesrnrn1-Optimize working timesrn2-Ensure irrigation time control. rn3-Ensure the desired irrigation water level according to temperature, to prevent water packing from affecting the crop or having unwanted water overflows.rnrnrnBENEFITSrnrnFOR THE COMPANYrn 1-Saving staff. rn2-Avoid expensive facilities and infrastructure for irrigation control. rn3-It provides us with real remote control and information instantly on site of all barges. rn4-It tells us when to water by activating the solenoid valves as needed and contributing to the optimization of water consumption. rn5-It creates history of baring and irrigation, for your study, so we lower operating costs.rnFOR AN INDIVIDUAL rnDetach from having to be present in situ for irrigation, being able to apply this time to other personal tasks, in addition to knowing or activating when we will have to water again and their standards.rnDATA THAT OUR APP WILL RECEIVE FROM THE DEVICE.rnrn1- Arrival of water at the end of the farm. rn2- Desired height of the water level.rn3-Temperature of the terrain and environment. rn4-Temperature of irrigation water. rn5-Humidity of the terrain and environment. rn6-Salinity of water and land. rn7- Wavelength of light received in the crop. rn8-Geo exact location. rn9-Immediate notice of possible theft of the device. rn10-Sending optimal test operation. rn11-Activation, remote deactivation of rn12-Water flow controller solenoid valves. rn13-Control of CO2 of greenhouses.rn rnOPTIONAL ANNEX” rnrn1-Moisture control device rn2-The probe nestled in the ground will detect moisture, indicating to our App the need for irrigation and activation of solenoid valves. rn3-Control the flow rate we designate through our App. rn4-It will be fully energy independent without the need for an external power connection. rn5-System I or T . rn6-Location system.rn“OPTIONAL ANNEX" CONTROL UNITrn1-Activate and deactivate the solenoid valves through our App when we designate or program it. rn2-Control the flow rate we designate through our App. rn3-It will be fully energy independent without the need for an external power connection. rn4-System I or T . rn5-Location system. rn6-This will be able to control several outputs at oncern

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To present you my patented irrigation project so that you can weigh up if it is of interest to you.
My intention is that it is manufactured and marketed,
i leave you the presentation on youtube

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