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Fresh air exhaust

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turn toxic exhaust in all fields of industry into clean air.Remove 73% to 87% and up of all toxic exhaust emissions,including gas & coal,nuclear,waste to energy,auto,trucks,planes,trains,sewers,new homes. New invention. Cash Sale

Financial information

an outright sale is what I am looking for. New on market.This patent has never been sold. Potential for buyer will be in the multi-trillions and put millions to work supplying the world.
The patent review will cost $2.800,000,000.00.( this is cash U.S.D). This is non refundable.The full sale price is $5.000,000,000.00.(this is cash U.S.D)
There is nothing like this product on the market, that gives such a high rating A, from the PTO,
Will give 1 consultation at buy.

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