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Band with Area Shown by Color, Proximity and Cardiacs. Net Capable

[Category : - ELECTRONICS- Wearing apparel- Navigation and orientation]
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if you would like to license this after you purchase enhance pd does licensing calls to companies and virtual prototyping presentations to big companies for around 6k

davisonidea does representation for only 750 if they think its feasable

i just need the money quick..

You can give this a group home effect
you can give this a homebody effect
you can upload habituals and give this a psychology standpoint..

this can help with realizations and vocalizing change with their environment.

involving representing color

habituas, living items, space area realizations, move ideas, maximizing their environment, product improvements in house, becoming wise as a home owner or parent

involving proximity

danger, domestics, space for emotions, relationship ques, arguement fix

net capability

upload statistics in the mental health living environment field, run studies, partner with bigger brands when you grow, come up with new techniques, run a strategic graphing color array. video field extension.

Financial information

Issued Patent..For Sale Only

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