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Multi-bit optical computing system~Optical chip is coming

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A new patent "Multi-bit optical computing system” has been granted by Taiwan intellectual property office. The spirit of this patent is that the current chip manufacturing technology will be improved, and a computer computing will evolve from two bits to a multi-bit computing era. This chip manufacturing technology will have a huge impact on Taiwan's future, especially for the semiconductor industry. It will change the future technology and improve the speed of computer computing, and the computer, electronics, aerospace industry, and national defense industry will be all affected. This will make human’s technology enter a revolutionary progress, which will enable computers to perform at a high speed with multi bits, and also enable future robots to have the artificial intelligence of supercomputers. This patent could replace electronic chips to optical chips, replace PCB with an optical circuit board, and also replace the current electrical memory with an optical memory. In the future, we don't need complex manufacture process as semiconductor. Silicon wafers could be replaced by the optical glass. The well known semiconductor industry was found on Silicon Valley of USA, but now everything might be changed when the optical chips show out! The low voltage from 0 to 1 could be replaced by multi-bit system. That is, it can compute in decimal and vigesimal, so that the computing speed will be thousands times faster, and the corresponding OS system will also be changed to order the multi-bit computer. Besides, the power consumption of the optical chip is greatly reduced, and thus we don’t have to worry about battery consumption or charger explosion. Taiwan as well known, the kingdom of the semiconductor industry manufacture center, also one of the core position to produce computer components . Many leadership companies in the world have set up R&D centers in Taiwan, just like TSMC accounts almost 50% chips output in the world. In hence, the patent certification from Taiwan almost show us more than half of the chips manufacturing market. of course we apply patents to many countries, such as China, Japan, South Korea and US, wherein Taiwan patent is granted first. In the future, we need a lot of teams and international cooperation for division of labor and authorization. There will be a lot of venture capitals and a stock listing will issue. Welcome everyone to cooperate with us!

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We apply patents to many countries, such as China, Japan, South Korea and US, wherein Taiwan patent is granted first.

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