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Bra / Alleviates Breast Sweat, Chafing, & Rashes

[Category : - Wearing apparel]
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Existing brassieres fail to provide adequate comfort and lift to many women with breasts of size C cup and larger. The invention is a cushiony pad which is attached via a flap to the inside of a brassiere cup. When donning the brassiere, the woman inserts the pad into the inframammary fold, between the underside of the breast and the chest wall. The pad acts as a platform for the breast, allowing the breast to rest on top of it, lifting the breast up and providing comfort and support from the bottom, while eliminating skin to skin contact.

Problem: Breast Sweat
Problem: Chafing & Rashes Under the Breasts
Problem: Skin Indentations From Bra Straps
Problem: Bras Don't Provide Enough Support
Problem: Skin To Skin Contact Under Breasts

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