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Manual cleaning apparatus for medical/dental instruments

[Category : - HEALTH]
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Application No.202021024045 A
Date of filing of Application :08/06/2020
Publication Date : 24/07/2020
Presented invention is apparatus for cleaning of medical or dental instruments, more specifically, a cleaning apparatus that protects a user or healthcare worker from exogenous infection caused due to droplet spatter while cleaning a contaminated or potentially contaminated instruments. Almost Medical or dental instruments that encounter patients are potentially contaminated with microorganisms, contributing to nosocomial transmission and healthcare facility acquired infections. The transmission of infective agents from reusable medical instruments is generally prevented by cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization. Manual cleaning is a universally required process before sterilization of the hand-held, reusable instruments utilized in health care delivery, and especially in dentistry. Conventionally, the healthcare workers clean the soiled instruments under running water before sterilizing them. Nowadays, automatic cleaners are used, but even in automatic cleaners some prior manual cleaning is inevitable. This increases the risk of exogenous infection caused due to droplet spatter while cleaning a contaminated or potentially contaminated instrument, especially during these turbulent times of COVID-19. The healthcare worker cleaning the equipment manually must wear an effective personal protective equipment to prevent infection caused due droplet spatter while cleaning under running water. However, these carry a significant cost, both a direct financial cost (running into billions of dollars), as well as a cost to the environment. Also, most of the times there is no dedicated procedure considering dedicated cleaning area and a place appropriate to keep, wash and dry soiled instruments.
Instrument cleaning devices featuring different designs and arrangements of brushes and bristles are known but these equipment do not protect the user or cleaner while cleaning the instruments under running water from cross infection caused due to droplet spatter. Technicians in dental/medical field need a manual cleaning apparatus for the cleaning soiled instruments without any fear of infection.
Most of the currently available cleaning apparatuses are complicated & expensive. Moreover, these cannot be customized as per requirement of a medical or dental facility. Thus, it can be observed that none of the currently manual cleaning apparatuses is completely effective when viewed overall in terms of infection control, convenience, and affordability.
There is, therefore, a need in the art to provide an efficient, customizable and cost-effective apparatus to overcome the aforementioned drawbacks and provide a manual cleaning apparatus capable of providing an infection-controlled cleaning area for soiled and potentially infected dental or medical instruments, thereby preventing exogenous infections caused to technicians or healthcare workers.

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