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Umbrella with crossbeams and telescoping poles

[Category : - OTHER- Travelling articles- Biking]
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An umbrella has a vertical pole extending downward from the fabric region, but it also has horizontal poles extending outwards from this vertical pole. In addition, it has a plurality of further vertical poles extending downward from the horizontal poles. In this manner, the umbrella is supported by four, six, or more vertical poles. Any or all of the poles can be telescoping poles, such that they can be increased or decreased in length. The connection of the horizontal poles to a vertical pole above and/or below can also be rotatable connections which lock into place at 90 degrees, but through human force, can unlock to place the horizontal poles in parallel with a vertical pole above or below itself. In this manner, one can fold the umbrella over the poles and shorten the length and/or width of the device.

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