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fuel from water

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we have invented an easy-to-manufacture and use device that allows you to get high-efficiency fuel from simple water. The water used for heating fuel does not require special cleaning or preparation, absolutely any water can be used - salty sea, fresh river or lake water, tap water, rain water, swamp water, purified from mechanical impurities. The resulting fuel can be used in any internal combustion engine - in a truck or light car, in a motorcycle, in a power plant engine. The device allows you to obtain from the water the amount of gaseous fuel sufficient for the operation of an engine with a volume of up to 8 liters. To drive a car at 120 miles per hour, 0.3 gallons of water is enough for one hour of engine operation. The cost of production of the device is approximately $ 750, with a sale price of up to $ 1,500. Maintenance of the device will cost $ 100 annually. The service life of the device is at least 10 years. The device is fully developed, there is a full working prototype. Work is underway to certify it. In 2021, the device and the car equipped with such a device will be officially introduced to the market. The device allows you to completely switch the car engine to water, completely abandoning gasoline. The car's fuel tank is filled with plain water! The device can be installed both on a new car and on one that is already in operation today, without requiring significant modifications and changes to the car's design. The fuel obtained using the device does not harm the engine, does not impair its performance, and does not harm the environment. When running on new fuel, the engine does not emit harmful substances to the environment. The device does not require daily maintenance, only inspection once a year. The device is easy to operate and has no parts that can break during operation.

Financial information

The developer is interested in mutually beneficial cooperation with companies and individuals who can produce, sell and service the device.
We offer for sale a limited license for the manufacture, sale and maintenance of devices, for a period of 10 years at a price of $ 10,000. Payment of the license contract in three payments: first payment of $ 1,000 at the conclusion of the contract; second payment - $ 1000 - after the start of world sales of the device; third payment - $ 8,000 - 3 months after beginning of work of the dealer.
The number of devices produced and sold is not limited.
the fulfillment of the inventor's obligations is secured by a pledge and guarantees for the total amount of 1200,000 (one million two hundred thousand) dollars. Financial guarantees for 10,000 dollars are provided at the conclusion of the license sale agreement and represent an unconditional obligation of the guarantor to pay 10,000 dollars to the license acquirer under the following conditions: 1. If the seller of the license does not start worldwide sales of the device in 2021. 2. If the license holder (dealer) does not sell any devices within 6 months after the start of sales.
Financial guarantees of fulfillment of obligations by the inventor are provided, including to all buyers of the product or license, for the amount of the order. Financial guarantees are provided by a Corporation with a capital of about $ 2 billion.
Production of the device does not require new or expensive equipment, as well as re-equipment of production facilities. All work can be done in a normal industrial plant.
To date, our company has received pre-orders from all over the world in the amount of 35,000 devices.
The projected volume of device sales per year is at least 150,000 units of product per year.

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