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electricty 2 go

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I have a pending patent to market for sale or business in the industry of ( free energy ) which is a system that uses the mechanism of cars and trucks to convert it to electricity.
It is a great idea which can solve the problem of electric cars going out of battery during the long trips away from the charging stations.
It also helps campers to depend on their cars and trucks to get the amount of electricity they need instead of buying bulky generators which adds problems to their journey instead of solving them.
This system even gives more to people in their emergency cases when the electricity companies have an emergency case and cut off the service for maintenance or by natural disasters that can happen at any time. Anyone can use her/his car to produce his home power for more than 100 Kilo Watt.
My pending Patent is a practical idea that is proven in reality and not just a written text.
It can be adopted by Energy companies, Electric cars and trucks, and even Gas fuelled cars and trucks.
This idea is named Electricity 2 go. As it gives electricity mobility that it requires to enlighten the whole world.
This idea is to be born big. It is a Billionaire idea.
I will be waiting for you to tell me the best way to start our business.

Musfer Alshamrani

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