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Clear Plastic Dinner Plates That Allow for Interchangeable Designs

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Each clear, food-grade plastic plate (dinner, luncheon, dessert, etc.), would consist of a top half and a bottom half. The two halves would easily snap together and pop apart. Similar to most plates, each plate would have a flat centre circle surrounded by a slightly raised ring with a flat surface. Two paper design inserts, one for the centre circle and one for the outer ring, creating a "solid" design, would be placed inside. Then the two halves of the plate would be snapped together. Design possibilities are limitless,

One way designs could be created is by using two clear plastic templates, one for the plate's centre circle and one for the outer circle. The templates would be placed on a paper of choice (or any suitable fabric, etc.) and traced around. Then the paper or other material would be cut out and snapped in place inside the plate. Both the plates and the templates could be sold in stores.

However, plate designs could also be created online by going to a website and choosing from a wide array of designs. The designs could be "dragged" over to a picture of a plate (in the same way greeting cards, calendars, etc. are designed online). Users' own designs and/or photos could also be uploaded and dragged into place. Users could also add words and numbers in their choice of font styles, size and colour.

Plates, of course, could also be square or other shapes, using the same premise.

I have a prototype which was made on a 3D printer and an album filled with examples of design possibilities.

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