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A True Social Distancing Solution

[Category : - HEALTH- Life-saving; Fire-fighting- Security and alarms]
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PackThermo Technologies has developed a patent-pending device concept utilizing sensor(s) in combination with motor(s) and a microprocessor to provide users full visibility of environmental conditions.

For a social distancing application, temperature and proximity sensors can be combined to monitor for human body temperature and distance. A motor rotates the sensors to rapidly sweep the user's surroundings, and a microprocessor calculates sensor readings and sends a signal to a light/speaker/vibrating element to alert users of these conditions.

While other technology exists where users are alerted to the proximity to others, they rely on both people using the same device. In reality, you cannot be certain others have the same device as you, providing a false sense of safety. The PackThermo method ensures you are alerted - with or without other users in the area.

US Patent Application: 63028027

Financial information

I am willing to entertain any of the following options:
(1) Outright purchase of this idea and patent rights.
(2) Licensing of this idea and/or eventual patent usage
- For one particular application or all applications
(3) Exclusive production partnership with an established firm.

I have a proof of concept nearing completion and am actively investing in its success.

More details, concept images and applications are available on my website: Link

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