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In response to the current COVID19 pandemic, Angel Technologies Holdings has created a provisional patented light technology product called Light Angel. Light Angel is a wall mounted or portable UV light driven hand sanitizing station that would be very useful to your residential, commercial and institutional facilities; in an effort to help our communities integrate back into social interaction during COVID-19 pandemic. The hands-free hand sanitizer operates in the UV light wavelength and can kill up to 99% of viruses and bacteria exposed to the light within seconds. It is portable enough to be mounted or placed at the entrance of every room in a home or entrances and vulnerable areas in a building. It is cost effective enough to justify multiple stations without creating waste (e.g. paper towels, sanitizer, soap, and water usage). It is easy to use, just place hands under the light. It has a motion sensor and time out circuitry for hands-free operating and energy savings. Please visit our Angel Technologies Holdings website for more information Link
Would you be interested investing in this technology or purchasing this product?

-The answer is a portable or wall mounted, UV light driven hand sanitizing station
- Kills 99% of viruses AND bacteria exposed to the light in seconds
- Portable enough to be placed at the entrance to every room in the house or entrances & areas of vulnerability of a business
- Cost effective enough to justify multiple stations without the waste – from paper towel and water usage – of soap and water

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