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FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to means of protection of personnel against overloads and can be used in special-duty vehicles, for example, in armored cars exploded by mines or in aircraft at emergent landing. Proposed seat comprises the seat and damping system. Damping system comprises suspension to secure the entire structure to vehicle roof frames and is composed of top and bottom parts bolted together, bolts being fitted in slits. Said bolts are bitted in suspension top part slits via plastic bushes. Said slits feature top-down taper while top two slits are narrowed all over their length while bottom pair gets narrowed from its mid length. Seat is composed by cushion and backrest interconnected by support. Step is arranged under seat to eliminate direct contact of feet with floor at explosion. Step is connected with seat support by gas spring. Said support comprises moving hook to lock the seat at operating conditions.EFFECT: higher safety of personnel.5 cl


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