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Trapped - Pet & Child Saver

[Category : - PET PRODUCTS- Motors- Baby products]
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New App Just Launched! look for it on Google Play Store

TRAPPED - Pet & Child Saver is the one app every pet owner and parent of a child should have installed, but hope they never, ever have to use it.

Locking your pet or child in a car is now illegal but for some crazy reason people do it anyway.

There are many dangers that can occur, especially the rise in temperature that can & will lead to the death of a pet or child. We hear about stories in the news all the time where innocent infant babies die, dogs die, cats die, all because of the ignorant owners who trap these precious beings in the vehicle.

Now with TRAPPED, users can easily be sent emergency push notification reminders alerting them to get back to the vehicle immediately for the safety of the pet or child.

TRAPPED does not guarantee any life saving formula and we do not recommend you ever lock a pet or child in a vehicle. Use TRAPPED at your own discretion.

Financial information

This App just launched a couple of months ago, I am in a partnership with the company that make the app, but I would like to sold my share which is 50%. We haven't seen any revenue as yet because it just come out. When the company that I am in a partnership with do the market analysis it came back with very promising numbers.

We just need to get it seen on the television,

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