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Electric detonator mortar with rifled barrel & modified pcb ammo

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My innovation is electic powered mortar with mofied ammunition for the rifled barrel.
Is very safe the ammo from any hiting from anything,cant be explode before firered from the launcher
The ammunition can be have electronic circuits to be make the explosion on the air from 0.30-5 meters distance from ground or sea surface with adjustment.
My other mod can be works like a motion activation sensor mine of droped ammo in warfield area after some seconds of drop down the shooted ammo.
I have one more mod to be exploded at the time to be come in contact with watter.

The same innovation can be modified for grenade launcher.

Financial information

Just send me pm for any questions or doubts and we will resolve it.
Anything for payment reasons about guarantee of payment and construction functionality we will resolve it together with contracts or any other both of sides way to be guaranteed the patent payment and construction functionality.

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