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Breating Measure Patent & Rights to Lungs Trainer

[Category : - ELECTRONICS- HEALTH- Fitness]
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The patent is about Spirometry measurement and more particularly to spirometers which utilize the Venturi effect.
It solves the very difficult issue of measuring lungs performance.
Accurate and cheap.

Unfortunately our main entrepreneur has passed away and we are looking to sell the patent, which we think can be a great fit for the right company,

We have created Lungtek Trainer, which is selling now as Lungboost by Choicemmed company. We offer the patent with the rights to our great Lungs trainer. You will have the rights to sell it everywhere around the world.

Also we have made a presentation with our vision:

Also we have created a design for a new Spirometer:

We are willing to help with all technical issues according to the patent sale contract.

Detailed description:
Spirometer apparatus comprising main inhale-exhale tube having first end, main interior, and second open end, a plurality of smaller tubes intersecting said main-inhale exhale tube at first and second respective locations and having a plurality of smaller interiors respectively, the first location being closer to the first end than is the second location, wherein each of the smaller interiors are in fluid communication with the main interior solely via at least one aperture formed in each of the intersecting tubes at locations facing said second end, the intersecting tubes having first and second external cross-sections, the main tube having first and second internal cross-sections, wherein said first external cross-section is smaller than said first internal cross-section, said second external cross-section is smaller than said second internal cross-section, and wherein said second external cross-section is smaller than said first external cross-section, and a differential pressure sensor sensing the pressure drop.

Link to publication:

Financial information

Unfortunately our main entrepreneur has passed away and we are looking to sell the patent, the Lungs trainer rights (which are owned by Lungtek), all relevant technical data and future next generation designs. Also '' domain and website.

Many units of LungBoost have been sold around the USA in leading
stores such as Walgreens and Walmart.
We feel it needs features and imporvements, which we will happilty share.

Also we have our vision of the future of this product in this link::

We will supply any technical support needed according to the patent selling contract.

We think that the market potential is huge and we are seeking for big company that can buy this patent (very cheap for a big company) and continue with it.

Also any other form of partnership proposal will be seriously consdirated.

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