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[Category : - Football- Baseball- Ski, snowboarding, skating and skate boarding]
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A protective helmet to help reduce concussions. The protective helmet includes an outer layer and an inner layer, each formed of a hard material. The outer layer and the inner layer each further include a concave interior surface and a convex exterior surface. A flexible connector connects the concave interior surface of the outer layer to the convex exterior surface of the inner layer. The flexible connectors are configured to allow the outer layer to laterally shift away relative to the inner layer upon impact to the protective helmet. Upon impact, the convex surface moves along the inclined planed of the concave surface in a direction opposite of the impact, while the stretched flexible connectors provides a restoring force pulling the inner and outer layers back to their original positions and reduce impact. Extensive testing has been completed to meet all the NFL standards. Must sell Patent due to age and health reasons. Second patent is pending.

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