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Bank of good deeds

[Category : - OTHER- Indentification and payment methods]
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Currently, more than 500 million people around the world are unable to serve themselves, solve everyday problems, and provide medical care for various reasons (illness, old age, poverty, or a combination of factors). However, these people are not able, for various reasons, to pay for these vital social and household services (poverty, lack of social and health insurance, low earnings or benefits). At the same time, another 500 million people have overdue accounts payable to banks or other financial institutions and are unable to repay it due to low incomes, lack of jobs, due to the upcoming economic crisis, and the destruction of economic infrastructure. The debt that hangs over debtors often deprives them of the ability to pay off their debts and pushes them out of their economic turnover - they lose their property, cannot purchase new goods and services, are unable to travel and lead a normal life. And the volume of this debt in the world is estimated in trillions of USD and taking into account the multiplier effect the loss of the economy from the presence of debt increases many times! The goal of the project is to provide these categories of people with the opportunity to help each other: the first-get free access to the most important social services by placing requests for assistance on the project's Internet site and in the mobile app, the second-by completing a free application, get the opportunity to convert this good deed into real money, which can be used to reduce and repay their debt to credit or other financial institutions. Thus, the total possible audience of the project can be more than 1 billion people, with a daily turnover of millions of dollars. At the same time, the project also has a social orientation, allowing socially unprotected segments of society to integrate into the surrounding world and become its full-fledged members.
The project is a platform (Internet site, mobile app) where user applications are placed, through which the executors receive notification of applications. In the user's personal account, points /bonuses are awarded for completed requests, as well as points are converted into real money and the performer's debts are paid.

Financial information

The potential audience reach around the world is more than a billion people, with a daily turnover of several million dollars.

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