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From SellOttO® to MBS – My Bike Seat, to enjoy cycling more

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Starting from our first success story of “sellOttO - 8 shaped bike seat” (more details on “”), we have just invented “MBS – My Bike Seat” (currently patent pending).

MBS is a bike seat, that can be adjusted according to 11 different criteria (see attached Fig. 1); the padding can be replaced by an other one (with a different shape and/or softness - see attached Fig. 2); the cover can be replaced by an other one (with a different colour - see attached Fig. 2).

MBS will allows to each cyclist to set the saddle to his own anatomy and pedaling; after one month or more years the cyclist can replace the padding and/or the cover of the saddle, without replacing the entire saddle.

The existing technologies allow to adjust the traditional bike seat according normally to 3 – 5 criteria; in a few cases the existing technologies allow to replace the padding and/or the cover of the saddle only with a similar padding and/or the cover.

Financial information

After having developed the sellOttO bike saddle in the three-year period 2015 - 2017, in the two-year period 2018 -2019 we sold over 2000 units online in Italy and Germany, mainly through Amazon.
In order to continue sales in Germany and extend sales to other non-European countries (e.g. USA), local regulations now require the creation of local trading companies in each of these countries, which we exclude since we are close to retirement age.

In this context, we have therefore decided not to proceed with the further development of MBS - My Bike Seat, but to sell both the MBS patent pending and the company Idea 8.0 (owner of the "sellOttO" trademark).
Our sale is mainly aimed at bicycle manufacturers and/or bicycle component manufacturers, operating worldwide, to whom they would be sold:
- Full ownership of patent pending MBS - My Bike Seat
- 3 months knowledge transfer about preliminary development of MBS - My Bike Seat
- optional - 3 years operative support for final development, production, marketing, and sales online of MBS - MY Bike Seat
- Full ownership both of company Idea 8.0 srl and sellOttO® Trademark
- 3 months knowledge transfer about development, production, marketing and sales online of sellOttO
- sellOttO production assets: 2 moulds for polypropylene, 1 mould for gel, 4 moulds for polyurethane, 5 frames for silk-screen printing of the coating, 5 frames for painting of the rails, 5 support templates for bonding the rails to the saddle
- sellOttO sale assets:,,, and web domains

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