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Wheelchair cover

[Category : - HEALTH]
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LoveSeatz wheelchair slipcovers began as an effort to make my mother’s nursing home wheelchair as attractive and comfortable as her favorite chair at home had been. The cover has many practical features: the seat piece detaches for easy cleaning; a gap at the rear of the seat enables one to grip when folding the wheelchair; it has side pockets; and, the skirt is split for access to the brake handle.
In patented, technical terms, here is a wheelchair cover having a first covering member and a second covering member. The first covering member has a back cover portion covering a back of a wheelchair, and a first and a second arm covering portions for covering a first and a second arm extending from said back of said wheelchair. The second covering member, removably attached to the first covering member has a seat covering portion for covering a seat of the wheelchair. The wheelchair cover further comprises a third covering member covering a cushion placed on the seat. A first and second side skirt extending from the first and second arm covering portions covers the first and second side of the wheelchair and a back skirt extending from said back covering portion for covering a wheelchair back side. A front skirt from second covering member covers a wheelchair front side.

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