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A vehicle seat device

[Category : - Motors]
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A vehicle seat device comprising for securing a safety belt, so as to hold the safety belt under tension. The vehicle seat device has an elongated member 1 having a first portion 2, arranged on a first end of the member 1, and a second portion 3 arranged on a second end of the member 1, in which at least one of the said portions has an opening configured to receive a safety belt tongue, thereby holding the safety belt under tension when not in use, and in a position where it can more easily be reached. The device has an attachment means 5A & 5B for securing the vehicle seat device to a vehicle seat and ISOFIX system.

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EasyKlick, seat-belt holder, is an inexpensive way to eliminate once and for all the – Turning, Stretching and Pulling it now takes to put on your seat belt. It’s simple to fit, simple to understand, simple to use.
EasyKlick makes putting a seat belt on easier, at present fitting a seat belt on means, twisting from the bottom of the back and pulling the (male) part of the belt from head height across the chest. This awkward movement deters many people using their belt. EasyKlick can be developed at an economical price.
EasyKlick is: simple to fit, simple to understand, simple to use. In all cars there are Isofix bars, these are found in the ‘joint’ between the bottom of the seat’s back rest and the seat itself, these are fitted with the the exception of the driver’s seat, here Easy Klick. In the case of the driver’s seat, a secure strapping is provided as an alternative means of securing.
EasyKlick works by repositioning the head height ‘male’ element of the seat belt into a place of greater ease of movement. Now with EasyKlick the car user pulls the belt across his or her lap and chest from a more practical position. This action now becomes as easy as the use with an airplane’s lap belt, and with EasyClick the security of the three-point anchorage of your car seat belt is still place. Easy Klick does not interfere in any way with the efficiency or safe operation of the seat belt.
The whole purpose of EasyKlick’s ease of use is to encourage seat belt usage and with this, in mind we firmly believe that delivery vehicle companies would endorse and support Easy Klick with a view to a Social Return on Investment, with reference to the elimination of back problems to drivers and the constant use of seat belts.

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